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Our forms are well suited for physicians wanting to add lucrative cosmetic service to their practice or for existing cosmetic practice needing to update or renew their outdated patient forms. Get started right away without going through the time and expense of searching for the right forms to use, hiring professional form designers and legal consultants, MedicalPracticeForms has the forms you need to start generating income immediately!

Forms are developed under the direction of cosmetic practice physicians, medical staff, medical attorneys and form developers to provide you with aesthetically designed, legal forms that are pleasing and relaxing to your clients when requesting their signature on legal forms preventing patient worries on legal issues, confusions and disappointment. form's are easy to use, you can add your own logo, company information, change form titles and edit every aspect of the form to fit your particular practice need, change as often as needed and print and reprint only the quantity that you need to any desktop printer; print forms in full color or b/w. Forms are very easy to use and/or modify to by anyone with minimal Word experience, great and easy for medical office staff to use!

Professional practice forms in minutes!

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  • New patient intake forms
  • New client welcome letter
  • Cosmetic practice consent form
  • Allergies and medication sheet
  • Procedure financial agreement
  • Pre-treatment instructions
  • Photography release form
  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Medical prescription blanks
  • Dermatology anatomical line drawings
  • Procedure authorization
  • Post-treatment instructions
  • Patient Rights
  • Cosmetic procedure fee schedule
  • Interview release forms
  • Patient sign-in sheet
  • Cosmetic procedure cancellation notice
  • Notice of privacy practice
  • Cosmetic surgery consent
  • Disclosure of health information
  • Patient referral form
  • Patient procedure FAQ's
  • Statement of medical procedure
  • ...and more!
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